We Love Anstey Park - Your Park Your Community

First of all massive thanks and congratulations to everyone involved in working to save the park from the threat of development related to the proposed football hub. This threat has now been overturned;
a result, in no small part, due to your efforts.

We Love Anstey Park now look to improve everyones enjoyment of
the park through the 'Love Anstey Park, Hate Dog Poo' campaign.

We all know dog poo is a messy, smelly hazard, so please stay alert
and pick up after your dog. If you have forgotten your poo bags, look
out for Anstey Park 'Baggers' who will alway have free bags and are
here to help. Remember, failing to pick up after your dog is illegal and
you can be reported and fined. To report an offender tel: 01730 234360 or
email: ehealth@easthants.gov.uk


If you love Anstey Park, hate dog poo, and are a regular visitor to
the park (maybe you walk your dog there) please consider joining
our 'Baggers' team.

You will not be expected to clean up other people's mess, or take part in any confrontational activity. All we need is a team of individuals prepared to act as a visible prescence in the Anstey Park area,
keeping an eye out for anyone who may be in need of a poo bag.

Please Pick up. Love Anstey Park. Hate Dog poo

We would supply you with a high visibility vest carrying our logo and
a supply of bags to give out as required. Neither would you be
expected to wear your vest every time you visited the park just with
some element of regularity. All we are aiming to achieve is a sense
of pride in and guardianship of our park.

Please contact info@weloveansteypark.com to join the team.

Visit the following sites for more information:

Link to the Anstey Residents Group websiteLink to the Alton RFC website
Link to the Anstey Park Casual Users GroupLink to the Alton Cricket Club
Link to the EHDC Dog Warden websiteDownload the brochure